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Prof Christa Johanna Grobler - Executive Dean: Faculty of Applied and Computer Sciences
Prof Christa Johanna Grobler - Executive Dean: Faculty of Applied and Computer Sciences

As Executive Dean of the Faculty of Applied & Computer Sciences, I extend a very special welcome to you. Congratulations on being accepted into the Science programmes.

All our dedicated staff members are committed to excellence in teaching, research and community engagement. The Faculty comprises four excellent departments. Our large and diverse departments welcome applications for undergraduate or postgraduate study from individuals from SADC, AU community and all overseas countries.

Our courses are constantly recognised as among the best in South Africa and we are proud of our reputation we have gained for innovation. Our unique curricula also emphasise experience in the workplace which we achieve through class consulting projects, simulations, Work Integrated Learning (WIL) and mentor programmes.

Our programmes are underpinned by research informed evidence drawn from the work of our own staff and industry. Our qualifications are also informed by the experience of dedicated academic staff so that what you learn relates to real situations.

Our graduates can be found in almost all walks of industrial, community, professional and business life.

We are committed to ensuring that you have a satisfying experience studying in this Science faculty. We also want to encourage a lifelong love of ideas, discovery and learning, your ability to work independently and in collaboration with others. We are committed to intellectual integrity and curiosity.

I look forward to you working with us and wish you well on what will be a worthwhile journey.